Grandmother as activist

I was just in Buenos Aires and became aware of the work of these women. The grandmothers of the Plaza del Mayo in Argentina were awarded the Unesco peace prize in 2011:


“The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo (Spanish: Asociación Civil Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo) is a human rights organization with the aim of finding the babies stolen during the Argentine Dirty War. Its president is Estela Barnes de Carlotto.

It was founded in 1977 to locate children kidnapped during the repression and return them to their biological families. The work of the Grandmothers, assisted by scientist Mary-Claire King, has led to the location of over 10 percent of the estimated 500 children kidnapped or born in detention during the military era.[1] In 1998, the identity of 256 missing babies were documented. Of those, 56 children have been located and seven of them had died. The Grandmothers’ work led to the creation of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team and the establishment of a National Genetic Data Bank. Aided by recent breakthroughs in genetic testing, the Grandmothers succeeded in returning 31 children to their biological families, while 13 others were raised jointly by their adoptive and biological families; the remaining cases are bogged down in court custody battles.[2]

The kidnapped babies were part of a systematic plan in the frame of the “Dirty War”.[1] According to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), this was justified by the junta by the following reasoning: “The anguish generated in the rest of the surviving family because of the absence of the disappeared would develop, after a few years, into a new generation of subversive or potentially subversive elements, thereby not permitting an effective end to the Dirty War.”.[2][3][4][5]”

quoted from the article in the website below


About Lisette

We are five women, born between 1945 and 1960, who are curious about how to richly live this stage of our lives, remaining true to ourselves and open to inspirational models.
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