Ladies in lavender

This 2004 film is worth watching again if you have already seen it, and well worth the first visit if you haven’t – “Ladies in Lavender” directed by Charles Dance from a story by William J. Locke about two ageing, unmarried sisters who befriend a mysterious young foreigner who washes up on the beach of their 1930s Cornish seaside cottage. The sisters are played by Maggie Smith and Judy Dench, two of the UK’s finest character actors, and superb in this story.

The action is straightforward, but the psychological understory is what makes this special – the author recognises that humans seem to retain an ever young inner self even as the outer shell of the body ages. When this young self is awakened in the sister (played by Dench), she experiences the physical and emotional manifestations of love and desire. The consequences of these soon cause disturbances in the neighborhood, as well as the household she shares with her sister.

We get older, we become old – but this younger self endures. How to find self acceptance of one’s untoward emotions, and how to keep the feeling of love without trying to possess love physically or sexually is a theme that may become familiar to many of us as we age…

By the way, the music is superb.

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