Forever Young

Forever Young- A funny article in the Sunday Times-Style magazine by Jessica Brinton 5th August 2012 about the nocturnal habits of the upcoming generation of OAPs


In this article Brinton reports on “the golden groovers who are having most fun on the after hours party scene”
The recently opened private members club, 5 Hertford Street. has a “fogey room”  so that “22-year-old members can hear themselves think over the laughter of carousing 67-year-olds”. She describes the group of elder party goers ready for an outrageous night whilst “a fragrant blonde of not more than 21 appears with a firm look on her face. “I need to go to bed,” she says. “I have a breakfast meeting at eight.” She is not the only one with a breakfast meeting. Soon the place is emptying of young people, and by half-past midnight, Liz and her good-looking gang — average age 46 — are as gorgeously alone as a plate of Turkish delight at the end of a Greek meal. Who will they play with?”

She describes “senior ravers” such as Vivienne Westwood arriving on a bicycle and Bob Geldof at Tracey Emins 49th birthday party at Annabels where as she says “there was a scene of unrestrained dance floor destruction” till 3.00am. There is an attitude of not caring what others think with this coming OAP generation.
These guys she says “will generally go to bed exactly when they feel like it, with little thought to wrinkles. And there is undoubtedly something energising about no longer needing to care what anyone thinks of you, if indeed you ever did.”

This attitude has helped fuel “the explosion of OAP late night manoeuvres” This sixties generation she says “If they have to be properly old now (this latest outrage is still sinking in) it makes sense that they ill do it their own way” She ends her article with “The heart bleeds for the young”

She quotes what a few of these OAP say about their age and the secret to having a good time.Joan Collins says “what am I going to do, sit around and knit?” whilst Vivienne Westwood says “Everybody looks like clones and the only people you notice are my age”
She gives party tips for elders in case of you out there want to join in this party scene :

DO wear comfortable shoes. They’re the secret to dancing 25-year-olds off the floor.
DON’T leave home for an evening out without sunnies. Sunrise can surprise you.
DO go out midweek. You’re less likely to have to fight for your “position on the bridge” (aka dancefloor).
DO galvanise old friends to go out with you. You are always 25 in their eyes.
DO keep an open mind for new friends, too. Age is irrelevant.
DON’T drink too much too soon. The key is pacing yourself.
DON’T worry how you look the next day. That’s what hats are for.


About Lisette

We are five women, born between 1945 and 1960, who are curious about how to richly live this stage of our lives, remaining true to ourselves and open to inspirational models.
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