Celebrating Older style

Fashion savvy seniors help redefine old age


Ari Seth Cohen, a young photographer who has a blog called Advanced style at http://advancedstyle.blogspot.co.uk/ has just published the book Advanced Style .Cohen started his blog in 2008 to capture and collect images of older fashionistas between the ages of 60 to 100 that he admired and was inspired by. His blog is like a collage of the best dressed older citizens.

These are really inspirational women and some men with  freedom and  poise , with a certain rebelliousness to create something new and unexpected.They don’t have to please anyone but themselves. As the population ages these women are at the forefront of changing “elderly” into complete self expression,into creative and sophisticated , something bold and new..the images being projected are strong and vital and confident..A Beatrix Ost tells Mr Cohen in his book “never say I can’t wear that because of my age”

He also has a wonderful image of a Parisian grandmother wearing a peacock feather hat and green fur coat who advised her granddaughter to never follow any rules in fashion..In his blog he has a section where women can send in pictures to be posted who are proud to be their age…through the 80s and 90s..Here are a selection of photos from his blog and photo of his book.


About Lisette

We are five women, born between 1945 and 1960, who are curious about how to richly live this stage of our lives, remaining true to ourselves and open to inspirational models.
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