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Celebrating Older style

Celebrating Older styleFashion savvy seniors help redefine old age Ari Seth Cohen, a young photographer who has a blog called Advanced style at has just published the book Advanced Style .Cohen started his blog… Continue reading

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‘The way we individually know peace is by being it.’

How will you create meaning for your life now? Dr. Bolen has been pondering, researching and writing about these issues for years. Jean Shinoda Bolen, M. D, is a psychiatrist, Jungian analyst, an internationally known author of 11 books and speake… Continue reading

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Old Age, New Models

If there’s anything that baby boomers don’t want, it’s to wither away in a conventional nursing home. Among the growing silver demographic, options like urban living, spa-style retirement campuses, and home-based models of care are catching on. Ha… Continue reading

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BBC is preparing programme on ‘when I’m 65’

I found this useful information about a programme on being 65. I’m not sure when it will be shown but it looks as if it will be in July. Linda is going to try and find more details Continue reading

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Esther Rantzen Sets Up a Helpline for the Elderly

As we get older, the two dominant issues we have to deal with are ill health and loneliness. Esther Rantzen spotted the need for children to talk in safety to share their problems and set up Childline. She has now decided to set up the Silver Line… Continue reading

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Ageless Dance

AGELESS DANCE Breath Made Visible – A documentary about Anna HalprinDirected by Ruedi GerberZas Films 04/10 Documentary I have watched a few of Anna Halprins pieces on youtube before watching the film above. I loved what she said in on e of the yout… Continue reading

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